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I’m taking a pretty broad approach to what it means to be a “creative conference,” which is why I’m including events like Dragoncon and the Austin International Drag Festival here. I attend both of these events, and they are full of INCREDIBLY creative people. These events are a meeting of like-minded folks and both will have some type of workshop or educational panel this year. I also included a lot of Maker Faires here. I’ve been to a few, including the flagship event near San Francisco, and they are awesome events for creatives to meet each other, learn and get inspired. I steered clear of most traditional business and digital marketing industry events for this roundup, but I included a few bigger conferences that are known for kickass speakers and amazing content. (Kristi Hines did a really great directory of business & digital marketing conferences if you’re interested.) Most events listed here are geared more towards individual creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, designers, infopreneurs, crafters and artists. I’ve included the primary target audience for each conference below. The majority of these events are based in the United States, but if you live anywhere in the world and know of a creative entrepreneur conference that should be on this list, please contact me and let me know!